Akshay Stunts, Stuntman Earns!

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Everybody knows that ‘Khiladi’ Akshay Kumar loves to do his stunts by his own. He himself performs the stunts in all his films, but also takes care that it doesn’t get reflected on the pocket of his stuntman.

Normally, majority of the stunts performed in Bollywood movies are carried out by the means of professional stuntmen, the main reason behind this is that big stars don’t like to put their bodies on the line of jeopardy of injury or in some cases even fatal injuries. However; Akshay Kumar is such an exceptional superstar who performs each and every stunt by himself, no matter how risky the stunt is. It is obvious that this caliber of Akshay was reflecting upon the earnings of his stuntmen, who are assigned to do action stunts of him.

Akshay Kumar

The moment Akshay came to know about this impact on the livelihood of his stuntmen, he discovered a new way to come over it. Akshay decided that no matter that he himself performs the stunts, but the remuneration for his endeavours will be credited in favour of his stuntmen. Every time Akshay signs a film, he makes this fact very clear to the producer in the beginning itself. According to sources, Akshay has made it very clear to all producers that not only the stuntman will get his remuneration, but also he will get a per stunt basis cash. Very rare people know that in Bollywood the charges of stunt depend on the degree of threat to life associated with it. According to reports, if the scene is very challenging and life threatening, then sometimes amount as high as 15k-20k INR are paid to the stuntman. While doing stunts, Akshay keeps this thing in mind and advocates appropriate payment to each of his stuntmen. On this endeavour of Akshay, a lot of people appreciate his efforts and express that Akshay himself is a family man and he knows the math and problems associated with making a living. That’s why he has engendered such a beautiful policy. .