Alyson Hannigan Measurements – Figure Size, Bra Size, Height & Weight, Facts

Alyson Hannigan Measurements – Figure Size, Bra Size, Height & Weight, Facts
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40 year old Alyson Lee Hannigan was born on March 24,1974. The american actress is best known for the roles she played in the television series ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ as Willow Rosenberg and on the CBS as Lily Adrin in ‘How I met yor mother’. Also in the film series of American Pie. Alyson, who has the net worth of $18million dollars , charges $225,000 per episode on ‘How I met yor mother’.
Alyson started her acting career at her early ages. She was an enthusiastic athlete and a soccer player, when she was a child,till before when due to some serious injury she have to quit playing.

Height in cm/m – 165 cm / 1.65 m
Height in Feet – 5.41 ft
Height in Inches – 64.96 inches
Height With Shoes/Heels    – 5 feet 7 inches – 5’9″
Weight in 2014 kg and Lbs (Pounds) – 53 Kg /116.8 pounds
Figure Size (Bust/Breast – Waist – Hips/Butt) – 34-23-34 inches
Bra Size (Cup) – 32B
Birthdate & Age in 2014    – 24th March, 1974 & 40 years
How Rich? – Net Worth (in Dollars) – $18 Million
Eye Color – Greenish
Show Size (US) – 8


Alyson Halligan facts:

  • Alyson was born on March 24, 1974 in Washinton D.C. and broght up in Atlanta with her mother Georgia.

  • Alyson’s birth name was Allison Lee Hannigan but later she adjusted the spelling of Allison to Alyson.

  • She secured a degree in psychology from California State University, Northridge.

  • Instead being a teenager, Alyson babysat for the kids of Bob Saget, who later narrated her television series, ‘How I Met Your Mother’.

Controversies and Relationships:Alyson got married to fellow actor Alexis Denisof on 11th of October in 2003 and blessed wiyh two daughter children together named Keeva Jane Denisof and Satyana Marie Denisof. Before dating Alexis Denisof, Aly date Ginger Fish who was the drummer from the Marilyn Manson’s band.
A guy called John Hobbs fom New Hampshire troubled Aly by sending hazarding and hooking messages via Internet, to meet and probably to kill her. On this on February 13,2013 Al yson was provided a restraining order and later extended fo additional 4 years.

Brands and Endorsements:Alyson was passionate about acting since childhood. She began occuring at the age of 4 in commercials and her way to Hollywood at the age of 11. She did her first major role in a science fiction comedy movie released in 1988,’My stepmother is an Alien’.Alyson was hoghlighted the most when she was cast to play Willow Rosenberg in the television series Buffy the vampire slayer. Then she subsequently became noticable films which was the types of teenage oriented films. Such as American Pie, American Pie 2, American Wedding,etc.
When Harry met Sally… was her debut in West End in 2004 at the theatre of Royal market. Thn she came back to the television with hit comedy show ‘How I met your Mother’ as Lily.
In a ‘video slumber party’ featured on, Hannigan joined stars like Jaime King,Minka Kelly and many more to promote breast cancer screenings for a Cancer Organization for cancer patients called ’Stand up 2 Cancer’.


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