Arjun Kapoor’s Transformation by Salman Khan – Workout & Diet

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Five years ago from now, the 140Kg heavy Arjun Kapoor could not even tie the seatbelt of a vehicle due to his large sized waist. However; with the help of his mentor Salman Khan, he underwent a complete transformation and has reduced his weight from 140 to 90Kg. Regarding this transformation of his, he expressed that 5 years ago he was a very fat man. He used to feel very anxious and uncomfortable because of his weight since he wanted to lead in the movies. However; he further expressed that, his body fat and obesity had become a part of his lifestyle and he never intended to cut it down. Ironically, he was just compromising with the situation by bluffing to himself that he was fine.

Later, Salman Khan’s eye saw a promising Bollywood actor hidden behind Arjun’s flab and convinced him to emerge out as a hero. Salman framed a customized workout program for him and for the next two years Salman guided Arjun as his regular gym partner. Arjun expressed that Salman Khan is like an unstoppable vigorous workout machine in the gym. Building a super physique was of secondary concern for Arjun, his primary concern was to lose weight and get in shape. Arjun faced a hard time during the starting phase of his program and in the first month, he lost 10Kg body weight. The main thing was that he never set a target for himself because he believed that there was no use of it if he loses 6Kg in 2 weeks and later gained the same in the following 2 weeks. The main thing for him was consistency. After he achieved his targeted weight loss, he began to include crossfit training in order to shred of extra fat. According to him, a 20 minute cross fit training is equivalent to an hour of regular gym session. Crossfit is also an excellent method of maintaining the built body. He uses 10-15 minute cardio sessions and sprints for cooling down, however; he makes sure that cardio is limited to twice or thrice in a week.

His workout starts with a proper warming of 10-15 minutes. Stretching was a key move after warming up as it makes his body flexible and increases the blood flow rate. The warm-up is followed by a vigorous 45-50 minute session of core exercises. Bench Presses, Weight lifting, Shoulder Presses and compound exercises such as deadlifts and squats were the key exercises in his program. His schedule never follows a fixed routine. Sometimes he trains his chest muscles with triceps and follows it up by training Biceps along with Shoulders. He likes to implement a variation of core and compound exercises in his regimen, however; he prefers to end his workout with isolation exercises like Biceps curl or Triceps extension.

Talking about his diet, from a fitness point of view he always regretted his former diet of milkshakes and 3 burgers (all at a time). For his weight loss, he believes that avoiding sweets and junk food was most important. He even replaced rice with brown rice and Quinoa, which is rich in protein and fiber. He also replaced artificial sugar intake with natural options like Pineapples and Strawberries. In addition, he supplemented his diet with a lot of black coffee intake as it helps it cutting fat. Different kinds of Protein shakes and nutritional supplements were also a regular part of his nutrition. His diet included the following –

Breakfast – 4 Egg whites, 1 Egg yolk and toast.
Lunch – Grilled Chicken, vegetables, Millet (Bajra) chapattis. He considered Millet over whole wheat rotis as Millet based bread is richer in fiber.
Dinner – For dinner, his diet is heavily rich in protein. His usually prefers to skip having any carbohydrate rick food at night. He prefers to have lean protein meals like chicken, fish etc. for dinner.

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