Bill Gates as an actor – Advertisements and Documentaries

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Apart from computer, Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, also believes in change brought by amazing creations of camera. Not only he financially helped a lot of videos, documentaries and advertising films but also, he played a role in many of them. At par with the world of technology and computers, the eyes of Bill Gates are equally focused on the world of camera and advertisements. Based on the importance of ad films, in the year 2008, he made an extensive ad campaign plan for Microsoft. Under this, he even made an ad commercial with Jerry Seinfeld in which Gates was seen buying shoes. In a different commercial of his, Bill was seen with a struggling family. People were amazed to see Bill Gates’ performance like that of a professional actor. The prudent vision of Gates is well visible from his decision of buying the video rights of lectures of Physics (1964) by the famous American scientist Richard Feynman. Gates had a view that this lecture could be very handy and useful in the development of technology. In July 2009, Gates issued these through his online platform project known as Truva. The 1999 movie “Pirates of the Silicon Valley” featured the competition between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs regarding the development of personal computer. The movie was based on the book “Fire in the Valley”.

Documentaries which featured Bill Gates

Triumph of the Nerds – This 3 hour documentary movie showcases the development cycle of American personal computers. In this documentary of 1996, Gates, by the means of an interview tells about the contributions of Microsoft. Some very rare photos of Bill can be seen in this documentary.

Waiting for “Superman” – This documentary puts a question mark on the American education system. This movie came in the year 2010 and Bill Gates not only provided financial help to it, but also, he delivered his message to the society and the people. This documentary of 100 min duration has been awarded with an audience award in the Sundance film festival.

The Virtual Revolution – This documentary showcases the fact that how websites have revolutionized and changed the last 20 years of this world. It features interviews of developers who have played a significant role in web development and Bill Gates is one such significant person featured in this film. The film of 60 minute duration got tremendous appreciation and acclaim.

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