Cate Blanchett Measurements, figure size, net worth and interesting facts

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Cate Blanchett Interesting facts and trivia

1. She was born in Melbourne and later she moved to Sydney and got enrolled at the National Institute of Dramatic Art from where she graduated in 1992. Her name was included at #45 spot in The 50 Smartest People in Hollywood list.
2. For her role in the biography film Elizabeth (1998), she had her hair shaved and eyebrows bleached. She expressed that the entire experience was very liberating for her as she didn’t have to worry or bother about anything.
3. She was included in the 50 most beautiful people list of Peoples Magazine.
4. For her part of actress Katherine Hapburn in the movie “The Aviator (2004), Cate won her 1st Academy Award for the title “Best Supporting Actress”. In the 1998, she got her first Oscar Awards nomination for her breakthrough performance in the movie Elizabeth. Her fans recognize her most by her role of Galadriel the Elf in Lord of the Rings.
5. She played the role of Queen Elizabeth in two of her movies. Her performance was highly appreciated by fans and critics.

Height in cm/m 174 cm/ 1.74 m
Height in Inches – 68.5 inches
Height in Feet – 5.71 feet
Height with Shoes/Heels – 5 feet 10 inches / 6’0″
Weight in 2014 kg and Lbs(Pounds) – 57 kg /125.6 pounds
Cate Blanchett Figure Size(Bust/Breast – Waist – Hips/Butt) – 34-24-34 inches
Bra Size(Cup) – 34B
Birthdate & Age in 2014 – 14th May, 1969 & 45 years
How Rich? Estimated Net Worth(in Dollars) – $50 Million
Eye Color – Bluish
Shoe Size(US) – 9

Above are the most likely body measurements & statistics of Cate Blanchett

6. Brand Endorsement/Ambassador – In September 2004, she got associated with the endorsement of brand SK-II as she went to Melbourne to launch a skincare range of the company at Myer, which is a leading department store there.

7. Her role in which she portrayed Katharine Hepburn, fetched her an Oscar Award. The interesting fact is that, Katherine herself was an Oscar Award winner.

8. Net Worth & Earnings –  Cate Blanchett has an estimated net worth of over $50 Million. Apart from her colossal net worth, her earnings for the year 2007 were estimated to be around $13 Million by Forbes Magazine. Her name was at #5 spot in the Forbes list of Best Actors For the Bucks. In the Forbes Best Actress for the Bucks, she stood at 2nd position due to the fact that for every 1 Dollar paid to her,, the movies featuring her gained $27 in return. With her earnings of $17.2 Million in 12 months prior to the release of the list, she was listed at 3rd position in the BRWs Top 50 Entertainers list.

9. Controversies – Cate Blanchett has had a clean career without any significant controversies. However, the recent controversy of Woody Allen the director of the American drama movie ‘Blue Jasmine’ has made people to raise questions on Oscar nomination of Cate for her breakthrough performance in Blue Jasmine. Woody Allen’s adopted daughter has accused him for se*ual ab*se.

10. The love life of Cate Blanchett includes the name of her husband Andrew Upton. She started dating him in 1996 and got married to him on 29th December 1997.