Cheryl Cole Height, Weight and Body Stats

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Cheryl Cole, a British singer, also a spokeswoman was born in England on June, 1983. Not only this, she is also a songwriter, dancer and model too. And she is mostly recognized for her bonding in British girl-band, Girls Aloud alongwith her solo career resulting two numbers one albums. She has a net worth of $30 millions.

Very popular talent show X-factor is accompanied by her as a judge in the show.She has also modeled for British Voue and Elle.

Height in Inches – 62.99 inches
Height with Shoes/Heels – 5 feet 5.0 inches -5″ 7′
Weight in 2014 kg and Lbs(Pounds) – 51 kg /153 pounds
Figure Size(Bust/Breast – Waist – Hips/Butt) – 37-23-34 inches
Bra Size(Cup) – 34C
Birthdate & Age in 2014 – 30th June, 1983 & 30 years
How Rich? Net Worth(in Dollars) – $30 Million
Eye Color – Brownish
Shoe Size(US) – 6


Cheryl Cole Facts:


1.Her dad was a paitner/decorator , she grew up in Newcastle suburb with her dad, mom, 3 brothers and a sister. She also has a half sister called Mercedes.

2.She has been voted for UK’s fantasy body but she is no new for winning awards for her looks as she has won Boots bonniest baby, World Star of the Future modelling contest winner, Best looking girl of Newcastle and a biggy – Most Attractive Girl at the Metro Centre.

3. She admits herself to by pathetically sensitive as she is also known for bringing up injured pigeons, curing them and nursing them back to health.

4. After her mom advice to become a tough girl, she adapted many things since then and so much of a dubious honour, she was voted for Britian’s toughest woman.

5.First ever concert she attended was Steps and first record was ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ from Rick Astley.

6. She made a array of stars as her fan over the years which includes Ricky Wilson, Heather Mills, Stephanie McMichael, Justin Timberlake,, Betty Boo, All Saints, Dannii Minogue, Pete Doherty, Natasha Bedingfield, Beth Ditto,, Charlotte Church and Lily Allen. Duncan James, Sir Alan Sugar and Joe Jonas are also there to back her up.

7. There is an incident when she said no to Ashley on asking her number but later on she began fancying him after she saw him looking hot in a magazine.


Cheryl Cole Controversies and Relationships:

One of the notable incident of her life when she was found guilty of assualt occasioning actual bodily harm and then was penalized for compensation to the victim and prosecution costs. Also she was senteced for 120 hours of community service.This was followed by the incident in a nightclub where she was earlier charged with assault and racially aggravated assualt but later on charge was removed.

She began dating with Chelsea footballer Ashley Cole in Sept 2004 and later on got married on 15 July, 2006. Unfortunately they got divorced in 2010 but she retained her married name. She later went on dating Derek Hough, professional dancer and choreographer.

Cheryl Cole Brands and Endorsements:

She and her band teamed up with Evlure to release 5 sets of false eyelashes separately designed by each member and celebrating their tenth anniversary each member designed a charm bracelet for Pandora.

Being a member of Girl Aloud, she has done many charities and as a group they appeared in cover of The Pretenders’ “I’ll Stand by You” with proceeds given to charity. They associated with Aerosmith and Run DMC’s “Walk this Way”, which was a collaboration with Sugababes, was designated fantastic song and raised a lot of money for people living in adverse conditions in Africa.

IN 2009, she climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and her trek raised 3.4 million euros for charity. She provided voice for the BT speaking Clock to raise the funds for Comic relief.
In Feb, 2011 she launched her own charitable foundation which was aimed to provide vital funds for trust in order to help disadvantaged youth for her region. In June 2013, she auctioned 20 dresses to raise the money for her foundation which was associated with ASOS.