Drew Barrymore Measurements, height-weight-figure statistics & facts

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Net Worth & Trivia: American actress Drew Blyth Barrymore was born on 22 February 1975 in Culver City , California . she is the grand daughter of the legend John Barrymore. Her parents are John Drew Barrymore and Jaid Barrymore. She had a troubled childhood and starting drinking and smoking by the age of 9 and started using coc*ine when she was just 13 years old. She has fortune of around 125 million dollars.

Relationships and Controversies: She has previously dated actors Corey Feldman , Christian Bale , Balthazar Getty and Jaime Walters.  She is currently married to Will Kopelman and they have a daughter. She was previously engaged to actor Fabrizio Morretti. She was previously married to actor Tom Green but they divorced.

How Rich is Drew Barrymore? – Net Worth (in Dollars) – 125 Millions
Height in cm (without heels) -163 cm
Height in feet – 5.34 feet
Height in Inch – 64.17 inches
Height with Shoes/Heels – 5 feet 6 inches – 5’8″
Weight in kg / lbs (pounds) – 56 kg / 123.5 lbs
Figure Size (Bust/Breast Size – Waist Size – Hips/Butt Size) – 37-27-35 inches
Drew Barrymore Bra size(Cup) – 34C
Birthdate – 02-22-1975
Age in 2014 – 39
Eye Color – Greenish
Shoe Size(US) – 6

Above are the most likely measurements and stats of Drew Barrymore.

Brands and Endorsements: In the year 1980 she appeared in the movie Altered States . in 1982 she appeared in E.T. . in 1984 she appeared in the movies “Firestarter” and “Irreconcialiable Differences”. In 1985 she appeared in “Cat’s Eyes”. In 1989 she appeared in the mivies “See You in the Moring” and “Far From Home”. In 1991 she appeared in the mive “Motorama”. In 1992 she appeared in the movies “No Place To Hide” , “Poison Ivy” and “Gun Crazy”. In 1993 she appeared in the movie “Doppleganger”. In 1994 she appeared in the movies “Bad Girls” and “Inside the Goldmine”. In 1995 she appared in the movie “Batman Forever”. In 1996 she appeared in the mive “Wishful Thinking”. In 1998 she appeared in the movie “The Wedding Singer”. In 1999 she appeared in the movie “Never Been Kissed”. In 2000 she appeared in the movie “Charlie’s Angels”. In 2007 she appeared in the movies “Music and Lyrics” and also “Lucky You”. In 2010 she appeared in the movie “Going the Distance”. In 2014 she appeared in the movie “Blended”.

Drew Barrymore Interesting Fun Facts:
She is the youngest guest host of SNL when she guest hosted it at the age of 7.
She has not finished high school.
She appeared on the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World List released by People’s magazine.
Her favorite poet in E E Cummings.
Her godmothers are Sophia Loren and Anna Strasberg.
She does not watch any of the mives she appears in.
She lived with David Crosby and his wife for over a year.
She is allergic to garlic , perfume and coffee.
She is best friends with Cameron Diaz. She drives a Porsche Carrera.
She lives in Hollywood Hills and Manhattan , New York.
She is the godmother of Frances Bean Cobain daughter of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love.
Her godfather is Steven Spielberg who is also the godfather of Gwyneth Paltrow.
In the year 2002 she appeared on the Power 100 list prepared by Premiere and had the 61st position.
She received her star on the Hollywood walk of fame in 2004.
She is a fan of the Boston Red Sox. She was ranked as the 5th greatest child actor in Vh1’s list of 100 Greatest Kid Actors.
She is the Ambassador for the Against Hunger campaign sponsored by United Nations World Food Program.