Ginnifer Goodwin aka ‘Snow White’ Measurements, Net Worth & Facts

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Net Worth & Trivia: American actress Jennifer Michelle Goodwin popularly known as Ginnifer Goodwin was born on May 22, 1978 in Memphis, Tennessee. Her mother’s name is Lina and her father’s name is Tim Goodwin. Her father owned a recording studio which he himself operated, while her mother worked for companies like Apple and FedEx. Her mother is Jewish and her father has welsh ancestry. she changed her name from Jennifer to Ginnifer in order to establish herself as a separate identity and also because it is pronounced as Ginnifer is her local dialect. Her personal fortune is over 4 million dollars.

Relationships and Controversies: In 2006 she started dating actor Chris Klein but they broke up in 2008.  She later started dating actor Tony Kern to whom she got engaged in 2010 but they separated in 2011. It was while filming Once Upon a Time in America that she met actor Josh Dallas who she married after dating for two year. the married on April 12, 2014 and also have a son together.

How Rich is Ginnifer Goodwin? – Net Worth (in Dollars) – $4 million
Height in cm (without heels) – 168 cm
Height in feet – 5.51 feet
Height in Inch – 66.14 inches
Height with Shoes/Heels – 5 feet 9 inches – 5’11″
Weight in kg / lbs (pounds) – 55 kg / 121 lbs
Figure Size (Bust/Breast Size – Waist Size – Hips/Butt Size) – 33-24-34 inches
Ginnifer Goodwin Bra size(Cup) – 32A
Birthdate – 05-22-1978
Age in 2014 – 36
Eye Color – Greenish
Shoe Size(US) – 7

Above are the most likely measurements of Ginnifer Goodwin.

Brands and Endorsements: In the year 2000 she appeared in a short movie titled “Zelda: An Extrospective Journey”. The consequent year that is in 2001 she made an appearance in a single episode of Law and Order. The precise same year she also started performing in the television series titled “Ed” and starred in it till 2004. In the year 2003 she starred in the movie titled “Porn ‘n Chicken”. In the year 2003 she appeared in the movie titled “Mona Lisa Smile”. In the next year she appeared in the movie titled “win a Date with Tad Hamilton”. She then appeared in the movie titled “Walk the Line” in the year 2005. She also made multiple appearances on the television show Robot Chicken from 2005 till 2007. In the year 2007 she appeared in two movies titled “In the Land of Women” and “Day Zero”.  From the year 2006 she started appearing in the television series titled “Big Love” till 2011 after which she started appearing as a regular character in the television series titled “Once Upon a Time”. The year 2009 was a highly eventful year as she appeared in the critically acclaimed movie “A Single Man” and the blockbuster box office winning romantic comedy “He’s Just Not that into you”. In 2011 she appeared in the movie titled “Something Borrowed”. In 2012 she appeared in multiple episodes of the television series Electric City.

Interesting Fun Facts:
She used to be a vegan but later quit because of health issues.
She completed her BA in acting and passed with honors from Boston University where actress Emily Deschanel was also a student at the same time.
It was her long time close friend Topher Grace who recommended her name for the role of the character Cathy Feely in the movie titled “Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!”
Her younger sister Melissa Goodwin is a stop-motion animator.
She is also the sister in law of Nathan Shepherd.
She attended clown school but was bad at it and eventually dropped out.
She is very good friends with Jennifer Morisson.
She loves Valentine’s Day and her favorite movie is When Harry Met Sally.