Jennifer Lopez’ aka JLo’s fitness secrets

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Jennifer Lopez is a well known singer, actress, dancer, television personality and performer and she does everything with brilliance.  Being in her 40s, she still has maintained herself , looks so hot and has an amazing body. Lopez’ public image always attracts worldwide media attention. She has been described as a showbiz phenomenon. She has a sex symbol image and is undoubtedly one of the most desirable women on the planet. Lopez has been widely recognized for her career achievements and for her sex appeal. Her curvaceous figure often makes her a hot topic of gossip in the media.

Some people wonder and ask questions like how much exercise you have to do to look like her. However it takes a lot of efforts for Jennifer to maintain herself. Jennifer supports that when she is on stage, she is giving energy to so many people so she can’t be out of shape. She does an extensive workout at the gym and her workouts give her the ability to have endurance for any kind of show. She does workouts that keep her sexy butt toned. Through workouts, she likes to trickle her muscles and she prefers to change the exercise sequence in every ten days. She does exercise for one hour every day because she has a very busy schedule. She does 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of muscular training for toning. When it comes to consistency, she tries not to miss her workout 2 days in a row. Only few people know that she has been trained at a professional level in boxing !

Jennifer is not only exercising but she is following a diet program too. She doesn’t have to worry about cooking nutritious meals because she gets her meals delivered every day straight to her doorsteps. Each day’s meals have an average of 1300 calories and a cost of about $50. The Fresh food options for her meals variety and it can be Basil crusted salmon or even dark chocolate. The meals are portion controlled so she always manages to follow her daily diet routine. On the topic of fitness, Jennifer advices her fans to keep their daily meals in portions and keep a check on calories intake based on one’s body type and age. Make exercise a way of living and try more workouts every week.

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