Katy Perry Measurements, Bra Size, Height, Bio & Statistics

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Interesting facts about Katy Perry

1. Katy Perry is amongst the topmost and hottest MTV made icons & singing sensations, however; the irony about her childhood is that she wasn’t even allowed to watch this channel while growing up.
2. Katy’s favorite pass time and relaxing hobby are cuddling and playing with her cat named ‘Kitty‘. Interestingly, the full name of her cat is ‘Kitty Purry‘.
3. Katy once helped her elder sister Angela Hudson (Katy Perry is also a Hudson with an original name of Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson) with the delivery of her baby. Surprisingly, this baby was born in the living room, and Katy as a responsible aunt skilfully helped in the delivery of this baby.
4. An interesting fact about Katy’s family is that her mother has dated Jimi Hendrix. She still feels like if her mother would have been wiser with that relationship, she would be a Hendrix instead of Hudson.
5. Katy has a very creepy and weird secret of hers that is associated with Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift. During her first Grammy’s awards, she got an opportunity to share a dressing room with them, she candidly asked both of them for a lock of their hair, which she still keeps with her in her purse.

Name Katy Perry
How Rich? – Net Worth (in Dollars) 200 millions
Height in cm172
Height in feet 5’8”
Height in Inch 68
Height with Shoes/Heels 5’9″ – 5’11”
Weight in kg / lbs (pounds) 61kg/134pounds
Figure Size (Bust/Breast Size – Waist Size – Hips/Butt Size)36-25-35
Bra size(Cup) 32D
Birthdate 25Oct-1984
Age in 2020 – 37
Eye Color Blue
Shoe Size(US) 8

6. Unlike the media made ‘average’ musical ability popstars of the current age, Katy is a very highly skilled singer when it comes to the range of singing. She can very effectively hit the very high nodes along with the mastery over the lower nodes.
7. One of the most popular songs of Katy Perry is ‘I kissed a Girl’, an interesting fact about this song is that it has been inspired from her crush on a girl. In reality, Katy as once stated that she would like to kiss Megan Fox.
8. For maintaining such awesome measurements and figure sizes, Katy undergoes a very strict fitness regime which is a mixture of resistance training and circuits training. She works out for 5 days a week and each session includes at-least a 25 minutes workout session. She is extremely fond of cupcakes and chocolates, and for this love of hers, she is even allowed a cheat day per week.