Keanu Reeves Body Size

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Keanu Reeves, Lebanese is known for his acting and has his assets amounting to $350 million. He was brought up in Toronto and took Canadian citizenship. As a child, he suffered from dyslexia which posed major issues in his education; however he was a brilliant goal tender for ice hockey team of his high school. He abandoned his school and love for hockey to fully concentrate on his acting career, the desire of which was sparked by his performance in his school production of Romeo and Juliet. Starting of with roles in TV and commercials, his debut in movie industry was marked with Youngblood and he gained popularity with his Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure which created havoc on the box-office and later Point Break and My Own Private Idaho.
However it was the movie Speed which established him as a top actor and the movie won two Oscars and was huge success in international as well as domestic markets. Then came his Matrix trilogy which is till regarded as one of the greatest action flick and now Reeves is a proud name holder in Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Height in m / cm – 1.86 m / 186 cm
Height in Feet – 6.1 feet
Height in Inches – 73.22 inches
Height With Shoes/Heels – 6feet 2 inch -6’3″
Weight in 2014 kg and Lbs (Pounds) – 87 kgs / 191.8 pounds
Muscle/Biceps Size – 14.2
Body Size – 39(Chest) – 30(Waist)
Birthdate & Age in 2014 – 09/02/64 & 49 years
Eye Color – Green
Net Worth in dollars – 350

Keanu Reeves Controversies and Relationships:Reeves has declined to be Buddhist or Atheist, rather has described himself as non-religious though with interest in Buddhism. Reeves’s was in relationship with Jennifer Syme who gave birth to their premature daughter baby. However Syme died after one year and six months leaving Reeves disturbed and depressed. News Reporter Alison Silva tried unsuccessfully to sue Reeves for alleged car accident, though the suit was dismissed by the jurors.

Keanu Reeves Brands and Endorsements:Reeves acting career commenced with his role in TV series Hangin’ In followed by his role in film One Step Away and Youngblood. His role in River’s Edge brought him many roles to woo teenage audience like in Permanent Record, and shockingly impressive as well as well received Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Keanu, Bass Guitarist started his own grunge band called Dogstar. Point Break got him the title of MTV’s “Most Desirable Male” in 1992. Speed brought the breakthrough Keanu had been looking for and made him one of the top actors which was followed by A Walk in the Clouds, Matrix trilogy, The Gift, The Watcher, Sweet November, The Replacements, Something’s Gotta Give and Constantine. Reeves is presently working on movie John Wick and Passengers