Lisa Kudrow Measurements, Net Worth and Interesting Facts

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Net Worth & Earnings – Lisa Kudrow aka Phoebe Buffay of FRIENDS is one of the most popular names when it comes to remembering the best actresses in sitcoms. Many people wonder that how rich is Lisa Kudrow?, well to answer that, her estimated net worth is over $70 Million. Lisa was already 31 years old when F.R.I.E.N.D.S first aired on the television. During the initial days of this sitcom, per episode earnings for FRIENDS average to an amount of $22.5k. When the second season of this epic sitcom ended, she was already earning a paycheck of around $45k. By the end of the 6th season of this show, she averaged a per episode salary of 750 thousand Dollars. In the year 2003 alone, Lisa’a annual income was around $36 Million. She along with her FRIENDS co-actress Courteney Cox hold the record of being the highest paid actress in the history of television by getting an amount of 1 Million Dollars per episode for the 9th and 10th season of FRIENDS.

Talking about her relationships and love life, Lisa has been married to Michel Stern. She has been in 2 relationships and once of which involves dating Conan O’Brien during 1988-1993. Her relationship with her boyfriend/spouse Michel Stern started in the year 1992. Lisa Kudrow’s controversies have generally been around the sitcom FRIENDS. Her stand for a “no” to a FRIENDS reunion after 10 years was a sad blow to her fans. She once again came into controversy when a legal dispute between her and her manager resulted in a $1.6 million lawsuit loss for Lisa. Check out the most likely body measurements and statistics of Lisa in this post.

Height in cm/m – 173 cm/ 1.73 m
Height in Inches – 68.11 inches
Height in Feet – 5.7 feet
Height with Shoes/Heels – 5 feet 9 inches / 6’0″
Weight in 2014 kg and Lbs(Pounds) – 61 kg /134.4 pounds
Lisa Kudrow Figure Size(Bust/Breast – Waist – Hips/Butt) – 36-26-35 inches
Bra Size(Cup) – 36B
Birthdate & Age in 2014 – 30th July, 1963 & 51 years
How Rich? Net Worth(in Dollars) – $70 Million
Eye Color – Greenish
Shoe Size(US) – 9

Lisa Kudrow Interesting Facts & Trivia

1. Despite of being such a global celebrity, Lisa isn’t fluent any foreign language. However, she can speak a bit of Turkish as her college boyfriend was Turkish.
2. Remember the guitar interests of her character Phoebe in FRIENDS, in reality Lisa used to play piano. Her sports interest includes Tennis and she said that she used to be good at it.
3. She likes to have a smiling face and she thinks that if a smile isn’t present on her face then she doesn’t look good.
4. Some of her interests really match those of her character Phoebe. Whenever free, she like to bake chocolate chip cookies, she even likes cats (remember the smelly cat song); however everyone in her family are allergic to cats.
5. She and her husband both are really good at the game backgammon and despite of having such a long and happy married life, they both get too competitive in it.
6. To stay in shape and maintain her figure, she likes to go on long walks.
7. Lisa studies Biology and Neuroscience; however she after attending college for 6 months, she left the college to make a career in acting. Her first official job was of a security guard at a department store.
8. One shocking facts about her is that, she doesn’t remember any episode of FRIENDS as a whole. Every time she watches an episode, she gets amused because it comes out as a total surprise to her. She also once said that she really hard for her to watch herself on screen.
9. She once told to media that by the age of 13, her son didn’t watch any of her work.
10.‘Woolly’ is the name of a toy poodle she has. Her holiday in ‘Fiji’ is the best holiday experience she has ever had.
11. For her role of Phoebe Buffay in the NBC sitcom FRIENDS, she won an Emmy Award. The show and her character were so much popular that even today when she goes out, people say ‘Hi Phoebe’ to her.