Lyndsy Fonesca Facts, Relationship and Body Measurements

Lyndsy Fonesca Facts, Relationship and Body Measurements
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With her fresh career, Lyndsy Fonesca has got a tremendous net worth in a very little time. She has an estimated net worth of $185 Million. She got into limelight with her breakthrough performance of Colleen Carlton in The Young and the Restless. Her great fortune also comes from her cameo of Ted’s daughter in the extremely popular sitcom “How I Met Your Mother”. Her performance in the role of Alexandra – “Alex” in the tv series Nikita contributed so much to her net worth and earnings that she made into the top 10 richest actresses of the world.

Lyndsy Fonesca Interesting Facts & Trivia

  • Due to her hot and glamourous looks, she has been into the Maxim Hot 100 list. In the year 2010, she was at 62nd spot and in 2011, she was on the 89th spot in this list.
  • Tom Hanks and Kate Winslet are amongst her favorite actors and actresses.
  • Sushi is her favorite when it comes to food, however; she doesn’t like Mushrooms.
  • She has a bad habit of biting nails and she has no shame in accepting the fact that she is not a beauty with brain when it comes to numbers!
  • She has a tattoo on her wrist and a tattoo on her inner arm. On her inner wrist she has a tattoo which reads ‘Fe’, which is a Portuguese acronym for “Faith”. She has got a tattoo of her sister’s name in Hebrew language on her inner arm.

How Rich? – Net Worth (in Dollars) – $185
Height in cm -165 cm
Height in feet – 5.41 feet
Height in Inch – 65 inches
Height with Shoes/Heels – 5 feet 6inches -5’7″
Weight in kg / lbs (pounds) – 54 kg / 118.5 lbs
Figure Size (Bust/Breast Size – Waist Size – Hips/Butt Size) -35-24-34 inches
Bra size(Cup) – 32C
Birthdate – 07-01-1987
Age in 2014 – 27
Eye Color – Blue
Shoe Size(US) – 8

Above are the most likely body measurements of Lyndsy.

Controversies – She hasn’t been in much limelight due to controversies, however, one controversy is associated with her name. She got into a bit of controversy when David Henrie (24), the actor who plays Ted Mosby’s son and Lyndsy’s brother in HIMYM, in a interview with The Insider, revealed that he and Lyndsy knew about about the twisty and controversial end of the show since the 1st season.

Relationships & Dating– She was in a marriage relationship with Matthew Smiley. The wedding life of the couple lasted for 3 years and then they got divorced in the year 2012. She has also dated JamesHolzier in 2009 and is currently rumored to be in a dating relationship with Noah Bean.


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