Narendra Modi Lifestyle and Facts – Interesting Quick Facts

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The Prime Minister candidate of BJP, Narendra Modi’s image is of a fast-paced prudent politician, but he has many other interesting things associated with his personality, which point towards other prospects of his life as well.

1. Likes the clothes of Jade Blue Brand – For his shopping, Modi heads towards the JadeBlue store located in Ahmadabad. In an interview of his, Modi told that when he was a propagandist in the RSS, he used to wash his own clothes. That’s why for low washing frequency and saving time, he started to wear half kurta. Since then, he has been wearing half kurta regularly, and with the popularity of Modi, these Kurtas are now termed as ‘Modi Kurta’. There wasn’t any fashion statement associated with it.

2. A Writer and a Poet – Narendra Modi is also a writer and a poet and that is well justified by his speeches and speaking skills. He likes to write in Gujarati language. His favourite topics of writing are ‘Life’ and ‘Hinduism’. Modi is huge fan of Swami Vivekananda.

3. Likes Cereal : ‘Khichdi’ – As his favourite, Modi prefers Gujarati dish to any other dish. He likes to eat dishes made up of cereal (khichdi) and pulses (daal). Modi expresses that he has tasted the food of every province of India by virtue of his tours and rallies.

Here are some interesting fun facts about Namo’s lifestyle:

1. He loves to wear clothes of Jade Blue brand for which he goes to shopping at Jade Blue store in Ahmedabad. He told in an interview that he likes to wear half kurtas to avoid washing again and again and save time as earlier he used to wash his own clothes. Now this is known as Modi kurta in Gujarat.

2.He is known for leading a frugal lifestyle and has a personal staff of three.

3. He is single but this was not the case always. He was married to a woman, who for whatever reason has been abandoned and Modi never talks about this phase of his life.

4. He has a good sense of humor and is a playful person.

5. He is a pure vegetarian and likes to eat Khichdi. He does not smoke or drink and lives a straight edge lifestyle.

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